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About 32White

32 White - A Dental Clinic is an initiative that brings together personalised dental treatment with state of the art equipment and diagnostic tools. Working alongside some of the best specialists around the city, we endeavour to provide quality dental care at the most optimal level.

We aim at continually growing our organisation based on International standards and concepts followed by most of the governing bodies in Dentistry. The clinic is equipped with good and proficient staff both providers and nursing staff and hence through these strengths we hope to serve the community better

32 White – A Dental Clinic plans on reaching the community better and faster by conducting health camps. Health camps that concentrate on public health mainly Dental Health which would help educate, inform and provide insight to patients who are unable to receive proper care or have limited access to it. At the end of the financial year we hope to increase our public health initiatives through School Dental Camps and Community Help Camps.

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